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To use the Buck-Boost calculator:
Select the Phase configuration - line and load phasing should match because a transformer is not capable of converting single-phase to three-phase. It is, however, a common application to make a single-phase transformer connection (banking) from a three-phase supply by use of one leg of the three phase supply circuit. Care must always be taken not to overload the leg of the three-phase supply. This is particularly true in a Buck-Boost application because the supply must provide the load KVA, not just the nameplate of the Buck-Boost transformer.

Enter the Input(Line) Voltage - the voltage that you want to Buck (decrease) or Boost (increase).

Enter the Output(Load) Voltage - the voltage at which your equipment is designed to operate. This is listed on the nameplate of the load equipment.

Enter the required Load Amps - This information usually can be found on the nameplate of the equipment that you want to operate.

By default the tolerance is set to 5%. You can adjust this as needed.

Note: The supply line frequency must be the same as the frequency of the equipment to be operated. Federal Pacific’s Buck-Boost transformers are rated for operation at 60Hz.